Here are a few examples of strategy for review.  Each of these presentations were created to speak to very specific audiences.

Sprint Field Marketing Strategy

I built two field marketing programs to help Sprint retail stores utilize local social and digital marketing.  The two programs, one for company-owned stores and one for dealer stores, were unlike anything the company had ever done before.

Here is one of the many presentations I created for the executive teams.  Here’s a Field Marketing Strategy deck to show that my inexpensive and immediate solution to our field marketing could be executed.

Dr. Mark Hyman – Medical Expert

I worked with Dr. Hyman and his team while at Spiral16, to amplify his marketing efforts in social media and digital channels.  Dr. Mark Hyman is an author and TV personality, similar to Dr. Oz, who became a household name due to his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Here is an example of a presentation created for Dr. Hyman, giving the team a benchmark on the social media chatter for Dr. Hyman’s brand, along with next steps.

Defense Mobile

Defense Mobile was a client of Sprint Wholesale. The company was founded by one of the Virgin Mobile founders, as a mobile service for military families. Here is one of the strategy presentations I developed for Defense Mobile stakeholders.

Performance Report on a New Social Marketing Strategy

In 2016 I created and executed a new content strategy for Sprint’s Twitter account.  Working closely with the PR team, the “Fast Lane”  strategy was a way to fast-track Sprint’s social approval process, so that Sprint could better ride the wave of social media’s trending topics. This was a big change for Sprint and I gave executives frequent updates about the program.  Here is a very brief report created for the executive team about the early performance of the Fast Lane strategy.

LinkedIn Strategy

I created a new LinkedIn strategy for Sprint in 2017.  Here is the presentation outlining the need for a new LinkedIn Strategy.