I have a number of different creative examples. This page shows a range of creative examples from small business to a Fortune 100 company. Please see the content marketingstrategy and case study pages of the website to see additional creative examples.

Localizing National Campaigns in Key Markets

Turning ex Verizon pitchman Paul Marcarelli into a Sprint spokesman was one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Sprint.

In key markets, like New York City,  we customized national Paul Marcarelli ad campaign.  We used a successful national ad campaign and made it even more powerful by tailoring the message for New Yorkers in out-of-home, social and digital channels.  Go here to read more about localized creative.

Most Creative Campaign – B2B Insurance Product

One of the most creative campaigns I’ve ever developed was a B2B campaign for a Sprint enterprise product–sold to insurance companies. The amazing new product was not gaining traction in the market until I created a strategy and our team executed a campaign that focused on a safety benefit instead of a technology benefit.

Please visit my M2M Case Study page for the whole story of the campaign.


Refresh Medical Spa – Email Campaign Example

I’ve been creating ads and developing marketing strategy for Refresh Medical Spa in Overland Park, since 2012.  This work has been an amazing creative and marketing outlet for me, especially during my time at Sprint.  I work with the spa manager and a freelance graphic designer to create sales and marketing materials for print, digital, social and the website.  The spa’s email campaigns have an average click through rate of 25%.

Here’s a link to one of the email campaigns.

B2B Example from Spiral16 (SaaS Software)

When I was the Manager of Client Services for Spiral16, I developed a strategy to expand existing client’s business and get new business by creating a brand snapshot or brand overview.  These two page reports showed clients high-level overview of what our software was able to discover about the brand online, with a few recommendations on how to utilize this data into business insights.  This was a helpful sales tool for the company, the use social media data tools was still in the early stages.  These reports gave agencies and brands proof of the value of our data and services, helped the company increase new client business by 35%.  Here is an example of a Spiral16 Brand Overview Report for DermaDoctor.

Law Office of Jordan Schwartz

The firm helps homeowners with loan modifications, short sales and foreclosures.  I have been doing the website SEO for the law firm since 2012.  The estimated value of the website’s organic SEO is over $9,000, according to a report from last year. Here’s a link to more information about the website’s SEO performance.

Local Marketing Landing Pages

Sprint’s local field marketing teams did not have the ability to create local landing pages until I created a website for local teams.  I utilized a sub-domain of Sprint, and helped local teams create landing pages for local events, sweepstakes and market specific promotions.  These pages were not complicated, designed to be very simple and fast-loading on mobile devices.

Here’s a link to some examples of local landing pages.