Content Marketing

I love content marketing because it’s a mixture of science and art.  Content marketing is a solid way to bring value to customers and gain new trial without spending a dime on advertising.  I’ve created successful content marketing many different brands and publications, and this page represents a sample of the different ways I’ve utilized content marketing.

Sprint – Content Marketing to Solve an Internal Problem

Sprint has a 17-page social media policy with a complicated process that requires employees to sign multiple online documents before participating in social media on behalf of the company.

I developed and executed a content marketing strategy leveraging the internal popularity of a Florida store employee, Caleb Wescoe, to guide store teams through the maze of Sprint’s social policy.  The team created a series of videos, flyers and social posts to communicate the main elements of the policy, so that more employees would comply.  Visit the Social Media Policy page to read about the problem facing Sprint and the content marketing created as an immediate solution.

23andMe – Content Marketing to Build a Community

23andMe is a private personal genomics company founded by Anne E. Wojcicki and Google co-founder Sergey Brin.  I was hired by Anne in 2009 to launch an online community for 23andMe, because they were fans of my parenting blog. This was an amazing project, I leveraged relationships with mom influencers across the country to help 23andMe build a loyal online community.  Our team of mom bloggers and social influencers used the service and then wrote about it.  As a Huffington Post contributor, I created a blog post about my experience using 23andMe. 

Babble – Content Marketing to Drive Traffic

Babble is an online publication owned by Disney. I created and executed a comprehensive content marketing strategy for the publication, to generate more eyeballs and new readers. In addition, I became a contributor to Babble.

I love content marketing because it’s a like cooking!  If you follow the recipe, your dish will turn out great. For example, in a Babble article about Paul Rudd, I wrote about the actor because his name was trending on Twitter the morning after he hosted Saturday Night Live. There are other ingredients in my content marketing recipe, but taking advantage of trending topics is very important. The Babble article about Paul Rudd was a simple list article about the actor. But by leveraging the Twitter trend and keywords effectively, the simple article generated huge traffic to  Read my blog post about Why Content Marketing is Like Cooking for my personal recipe on content marketing.

Law Office of Jordan Schwartz – Using Content Marketing to Reach Distressed Consumers

I utilize content marketing as the main tactic to promote a Kansas City law firm owned Jordan Schwartz, who specializes in loan modifications and bankruptcy.  Home foreclosure and bankruptcy are topics most people don’t like to talk about.  Blog posts and links to news articles are a way to highlight this information and push the law firm website up in Google searches, so that people who need help can find Jordan Schwartz and his team.  Here is a blog post about Bankruptcy from The Law Office of Jordan Schwartz website.


Refresh Medical Spa – Building Trust and Driving New Customer Trial

Content marketing is an important tool for Refresh Medical Spa marketing.  The content marketing strategy I developed for the spa was designed to build credibility and to generate traffic. A recent example of how I use content marketing to promote the spa is about…popping pimples.   In January 2018, online celebrity Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper) made national news when cable network TLC announced a new series starring the internet celebrity.

I saw that Dr. Pimple Popper and Dr. Sandra Lee had a huge gain in online searches (1 million per month).  So I wrote a blog post about Dr. Pimple Popper for the spa, featuring one of the spa’s estheticians.  Click here to read the blog post Pimple Popping is a National Obsession.

Huffington Post

I’ve been a contributor for Huffington Post since 2009 and here’s a link to one of my HuffPo articles about Kansas City.

CafeMom – Online Content Strategy Results

I created and executed a content marketing strategy for CafeMom, one of the most popular online publications for mothers.  Within months of launching CafeMom’s entertainment section, the content marketing strategy proved successful.

Shoutz – Results Using Valentine’s Day Social and Online Buzz to Build Awareness

Shoutz is a mobile video app that needed to create more awareness and stand out from all the other apps in market.  I leveraged the high volume of online searches and social media chatter surrounding Valentine’s Day to create unique contest for Shoutz.

Users entered contest by creating a video using Shoutz app to tell their best “ex” story, days before Valentine’s Day.  Winners received a funny (but twisted) prize, an EX Knife set. 

The contest immediately generated new leads and app downloads.  In addition, the contest generated media buzz because of the unique, humorous take on Valentine’s Day.